Sweet Life Science: Orchard Mgmt


Apple Orchard Management and Producing Apple Cider

We enjoy everything about our apple orchard...from picking an apple right off the tree in season to sharing our apple cider with friends thru the fall. And as you might imagine, our honeybees like having the orchard around as well. When the trees are in blossom we actually move a hive up to the orchard to shorten their commute and give our orchard the benefit of 50,000 bees buzzing about. It's a win-win for sure. 19091

If you'd like to learn more about our orchard management work...and if you'd like to peek behind the apple cider production scenes a bit...we've posted a couple of Technical Documents to the website you might find interesting. 

  • The first provides an overview of our year-long orchard management routine. This work includes pruning, soil fertility management, integrated pest management, apple thinning and ensuring a timely harvest. [Orchard Management Overview]
  • The second article explores our work to transfer UV technologies used in the production of our maple syrup to the processing of apple cider in order to extend the shelf life of the non-pasteurized cider we make for friends and family. [UV Treatment of Apple Cider]

When you have a moment and want to get your "geek on" enjoy these two articles. And as always, if there is something you'd like to know more about or something you'd like to see in either a video or picture, just let us know. We'll do our best to answer any questions you might have.