Looking for the sweet life?

If you enjoy fresh, flavorful and 100% natural, you’ll love these Sweet Life products from Springboro Tree Farms.

Looking for the sweet life?

If you enjoy fresh, flavorful and 100% natural, you’ll love these Sweet Life products from Springboro Tree Farms.

Wood-Fired, Small-Batch Maple Syrup

Something magical happens when you make maple syrup the slow, old-fashioned way – a few gallons at a time on a wood-fired syrup evaporator.

Sure, our syrup cooking process takes a little longer (and costs a bit more) but the syrup we produce is a little more robust and a little more flavorful than most store bought maple syrups. (If you’re a maple syrup geek, the official grade we make is typically Grade A medium or dark amber with a robust flavor.)

We use a hydrometer to precisely take our sugar content to the high end of the Vermont standard for maple syrup (66.9 – 68.9 brix). As a result, our yields are a bit lower than those of most other sugar makers but the rich creamy sweetness of Springboro Tree Farms maple syrup will take your pancakes and waffles to that next level for sure.

Discover more about how we make great syrup in the Sugaring section of this website and the next time you’re looking for a great all natural Small-Batch, Maple Syrup made on a wood-fired evaporator…give this a try.

Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup

Whoever thought of making this deserves an award…a Noble Food Prize or something. Our Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple syrup is crazy good. We and folks who follow Springboro Tree Farms are still finding great things to do with it. Jim keeps it simple and will tell you it’s a great topping on vinilla ice cream. Donetta will tell you it makes a great glaze on grilled salmon…and for sure, it’s a great on pancakes and waffles.

The production process is fun and really simple…like most things we do here at the farm. We get a fresh bourbon barrel from a small distiller in Northern Indiana. Within a couple of days of when they’ve emptied it we fill it with our small batch, wood-fired maple syrup. We then set it aside to age for about five months. Temperature changes including cool spring nights and warm Indiana summer days naturally draw the oak and bourbon flavors from the white-oak barrels. And as those flavors mingle, hints of vanilla, oak, and of course bourbon abound. After aging, we heat the product to 200+ to flash off any alcohol, use a hydrometer to ensure the sugar content meets the Vermont standard and then filter and bottle at 185F to ensure product quality.

And yes, the barrels smell as good as you think they might…both when we fill them and then five months later when we pull our syrup.

Next time you’re looking for a new twist on maple syrup think Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup and…give this one a try.

Local Indiana Wildflower Honey

We work hard at keeping our honey bees healthy …because we like bees…and because healthy bees make great honey. Our honey is what’s known as “raw filtered” honey. It has not been pasteurized. We never heat the honey. And as you might know, the flavor varies thru the season and depends on what the bees are finding in the field.

The first honey flow typically begins with the sweet black locust and sugar maple blooms in the spring. Indiana wildflowers are everywhere all season long at Springboro Tree Farms as well as in and around the 2000+ acres of neighboring forests and fields foraged by our bees. So from the early season locust to the late-season golden rod honey, we love the different Indiana tree and wildflower flavors our bees produce.

Discover more–You’ll find a lot of information about our honey and bees on this in this website and our YouTube channel. While the bees clearly do the hard work, the extraction process does require a good balance between harvesting what we can while still leaving ample food stores for the hives. This is especially important if/when we do a fall harvest.

Next time you’re looking for some fantastic local Honey…give us a try.

And still more…

While those are the big four for sure, from time to time we do have other products available.19029

The other thing we do “almost” every fall is apple cider. With our hand-crank / old school cider press this is a favorite time of year for family and friends.

We’re jusFinal_tin.pngt now starting to develop some other products using our bees wax. How about some great boot balm?

There’s a good story about this in the Explore the Farm section of the website. Next time you’re in the Sugar Shack ask if you are interested in some…we probably have a few small tins around.

When in season and available, you can find our maple syrup, bourbon barrel aged maple syrup and honey at the following locations:IMG 7422

  • Springboro General Store (Springboro) – great fishing supplies and so much more!
  • Craisian Brewing Company (Brookston) – oh…the beer is off-the-charts
  • Delphi Hardware and Paint (Delphi) – just about anything you need!
  • Richelle in a Hand Basket (Lafayette) – wowsa their stuff is soooo goooood
  • Great Harvest Bread Company (Lafayette) – these folks really do make phenomenal bread
  • Two Guys Catering and Bakery (Brookston) – Randy and Chad are always cook’n up something good
  • Sundog Cafe (Fowler) – delicious espresso based coffee drinks and a full breakfast and lunch menu

Note: Not all of these retailers stock all of our products.