We’re actually not sure how old the pond is…or should we say “we’re not sure how old the ponds are.”

The oldest topo maps we could find from the 1960s actually show two smaller ponds in the place where we now have one.

Like many others, our pond is spring fed and generally has a nice flow thru. I guess the fact that this whole area is called “Springboro” is not by accident!

In 2002 we redesigned and reconstructed (dredged) the current pond with the assistance of an excavation company with considerable experience in pond design. One of the things we’ve learned is to lean on expertise when you can…and we’ve found there is a lot of expertise in the forestry discipline in the area.

The pond is stocked with largemouth bass, red ear sunfish, crappie, perch and channel catfish. This is a time proven combination for successful pond ecosystems in the Midwest United States. In addition, a small population of Grass Carp is included for environmentally friendly weed control.

The pond is also occassionally home to beaver and river otters and as you might imagine it’s quite popular with the deer that call this area home. Seeing a deer cross the far end of the pond when we’re fishing is still a thrill.

Today we rely on Matt Rayl owner and founder of Americah Pond and Lake Management for technical support and counsel on all of our pond management decisions. The guidance Matt has provided for monitoring our fishing activities, aquatic weed control and water quality management has helped us to create and maintain a very enjoyable asset to the farm. The link to Matt and his team is provided here

If you ask Rich why he invests in the pond, the picture above is what he’ll probably show you. Kids and muddy dogs are the good stuff of life.

In the video below we’re adding a few fathead minnows to the mix.