Bee Keeping

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Winter is always a challenge...but we're hopeful

Winter was a real challenge last year. We had signifcant hive losses during the winter of 2021...but with some hard good work thru the summer we seem to have recovered well. We had a number of successful OTS splits...we added a few new (purshased) hives...and we tried to manage the honey harvest carefully. (Note: you can take too much honey...or not's a balance.) All said and done - we're going into the winter with 19 hives and most of them are looking quite healthy. When you have a moment check out our Facebook page and YouTube channel to see what we did to put our hives to bed for the winter this year. Using something called a moisture board to help manage hive moisture levels, our hives are looking quite snug all wrapped up for the winter of 2022. 

So - we're hopeful going into the winter this year. We'll admit upfront there's a fair amount of luck involved...bees can be fragile and winters can be difficult. But as it is in many situations you can improve your odds with some careful and consistent attention to your hives. As always, things like ensuring they are protected from our Indiana winter weather, making sure they are well fed (we have a lot in common, they like sugar!!!) and staying on top of a good medication routine can reallly improve your luck.IMG 20180726 121000

Some good counsel along the way helps and to this end we still rely heavily on our friends at Bastin Honey Bee Farm for solid advice. Find more at (

After a number of successful splits over the past couple of years we are once again enjoying a full apiary as we continue to grow in our ability to perform something called OTS - On the Spot queen rearing and hive expansion. You've probably seen some of our work to this end on our Facebook page or YouTube channel and we'll post more on this as we continue to learn...but our initial reaction is that it's good for our apiary and good for the bees that call Springboro Tree Farms home.