Living third, engaging, sharing and making a difference in the lives of others.

Living Third

Borrowed (without apology) from the YMCA Camp Tecumseh (located just a few miles from here), living third means putting God first, other people second and ourselves third. It’s the underpinning of the culture here.

Engaging and Sharing

We’re focused on sharing what we learn through community engagement. This includes farm tours and open houses, off-site presentations, the content of this website, and serving the industries in which we participate…and generally welcoming others to the Farm who share these values.

Making a Difference

Finally, most of the monetary value of our products (honey, maple syrup, apples, cider, etc.) is donated to support the programs of not-for-profits and other acts of compassion that make positive differences in the lives of others. Yep. We pretty much give it all away.


Living Third — living with God first, others second and ourselves third.

Engaging and Sharing — supporting our community both on and off the Farm.

Making a Difference — acting on our compassion for others.