Why the Blue Tractor?

Why the Blue Tractor?

Our blue tractor is not just another pretty face. A while back someone asked why we purchased a New Holland tractor. Good question. If you asked 100 of your best friends to name a tractor brand, the John Deer brand will likely be the most common response. So people ask: Why New Holland?

First, there are others brands. Kubota, Massy Ferguson (AGCO), John Deer and New Holland all produce excellent products.

These leading companies all have about the same features (power, performance, operator comfort, etc.). They all price their products competitively. And they all have about the same warranty.

So how do pick the one that is best for you?

Here are a few suggestions:

Ask lots of questions . . . If for no other reason just to see how important you may be to the dealer as a customer. One of the dealers I talked to gave me the impression they really did not want “small farmer” customers. Some dealers seem to be focused on selling big machines to big producers. That’s not us.

Ask for a competitive comparison from the all dealers whose brands you are considering. These competitive comparison documents are written by the manufacturers and provide great food for thought regarding nearly every aspect of ownership (I.e., warranty, ease of operation, operator comfort, power, serviceability, etc.

For example, in comparing the New Holland Boomer 33/37 Class 2 compact tractor, to the John Deere’s 3033R/3039R, you’ll see this kind of serviceability comparison:

New Holland Serviceability:

  • Wide opening hood on a gas strut for easy access to engine compartments
  • Easy access to the two-stage, dual element air cleaner
  • Trash screen is in front of radiator which makes it easier to access and clean

John Deer Serviceability:

  • Plastic/Composite hood on a spring rod. Hood is flimsy and the rod does not offer a lot of support.
  • Side panels remain intact when hood is up and requires tools to remove.
  • Battery is hard to access because the side panels do not remove
  • A rubber band is used to hold the air-filter canister in place and is very hard to reconnect.

Ask a tractor owner. One of the reasons we purchased the New Holland is the recommendation we received from a trusted friend regarding both the dealer and the product.

Ask for a free trial. And when you’re ready to write a check, it’s OK to ask for a comparable model for use in your operation. Most dealers will deliver one for a free trial if they can.

Buy the dealer. Dad always told us – – – “don’t buy the car, buy the dealer”. In other words the dealer is always more important to you than the product. It’s the dealer behind the product that makes the big difference in your satisfaction with the product. Our dealer is: Rodkey New Holland, Inc., Rossville, Indiana

Call 765 379-3331 and ask for Neil Fausset or Fred Rodkey. We have found Fred Rodkey, Neil Faussett and the entire parts and service team provide great value.

Negotiate a bit. But understand that most of the profits tractor manufacturers and their dealers earn do not come from the sale of new equipment. Instead, it is the profits from the sale of service parts, labor and used equipment that dealers rely on most.

One of our favorite quotes from a farm equipment dealer is from Ben Yantis of Logansport machine (circa 1980):

“You can sheer a sheep many times but you can only skin’m once.”

Most dealers try to make a little money on everything they do. Why not let them? Just saying.


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