Walnut trees copyCome take a look around the farm. This section will be updated often as we move through the seasons and through the different projects underway here at the Farm. Stop back when you have a moment and enjoy a little time in the country. And if there's something you're really interested in, let us know and we'll see if we can't bring it to life in this section of the Springboro Tree Farms website.

And when you have a moment, visit our Gallery. You'll find a link to the main gallery in thSugar shack blue skye footer for each and every website page. You'll see we've also provide a bit of a mini-gallery in each of the main sections of the website - Sugaring, Beekeeping, Orchard Mgmt and Forestry. If you want more information (or a good story) about any of the pictures drop us a note.

And as always, if there's something you're interested in and would like to see a picture of it - again, drop us a note and we'll see what we can do.

Enjoy the sweet life...



Welcome to the Springboro Tree Farms Tree Trail.

If you’re up for a walk in the woods, why not make it a walk of discovery?

The Springboro Tree Farms tree trail provides an introduction to this classic Indiana woodlands and the 30-some species of hardwood trees that thrive here.

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Line up

Jim and his beeswax boot balm

Ok...if you follow Jim on Facebook or otherwise know him you know he has a thing for boots. After something close to a bazillion miles hiking through the years he's learned the value of good boots - and how to care for them. To that end here's a peek into how he makes his beeswax boot balm.

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Open Creek

Building the Bridge

Spring Creek runs through Springboro Tree Farms and it's really beautiful as you can see in the picture here...

...but wading to cross the creek gets old after a while.

So - let's build a bridge...

...or two...or three.

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Native AmericansA history of sugaring

We use a lot of interesting technology in our sugaring work today...

...but before all that was developed. How did those who came before us even come up with the crazy idea of turning tree sap into something as sweet and delicious as maple syrup.

Let's explore a bit of myth and legend...along with some interesting history and look back into the history of sugaring. 

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